About K Ross

Freelance editor since 2010:

  • specialized in academic and scientific writing
  • experience with fiction, science fiction, and non-fiction books and novels
  • extensive experience editing doctoral dissertations and bibliographies
  • degrees in anthropology and linguistics
  • background in biology and chemistry

Fluent familiarity with terminologies of: Legal discourse, Social sciences, Evolutionary biology, General chemistry, Organic chemistry, Astronomy, Osteology, Microbiology and Physiology.

English tutor since 2006:

  • providing assistance with English grammar and composition.
  • offering proofreading and editing services for university and high school students

Degrees in Linguistics and Anthropology from the University of Toronto (2008)

Linguistics: focused on syntax and phonology.

Anthropology: focused on biological anthropology and archaeology.

BN: 860754118



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